Pet Search & Rescue, Inc. - Board

Pet Search & Rescue is the non-profit behind a fourteen year effort to help lost pets get home, to reduce pet deaths at pounds, and to give adoptable pets more opportunities to find forever homes.


Our board are made up of pet help leadership of varied professional strengths
Nancy Parker-Simons, Director (shelters & kenneling)
Jennifer 'J.J.' Blackson, Treasurer (spay neuter vet medical)
Joan Fulton Headley, Director (Stray issues and non-profit fundraising)
Elaine Palance, Fundraising
Ginger Eways - Grants
Sarah Pennington, Secretary (co-founder of eighteen year effort)
Jay Pennington, President (co-founder & technology)

Past board members
Craig Brestrup, Director (wildlife)
Gretchen Garceau-Kragh, Director (Guide dogs, shelters, & grant writing)

Tools to help all pets in need!